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The beauty of Holliday's fresh-cut flowers is a wonderful way to express a thought or sentiment — from friendship to love, healing and more. Roses that are freshly cut are especially loved by those who receive this beautiful gift. Flowers arrive at their door, sending cheer throughout their home or office space.

Red Roses Express Loving Thoughts

Red Roses express love. We have a selection that includes the beautiful Pavé Rose, an elegant flower that makes a romantic bouquet. Send a dozen to express the thoughts without words or give them in-person to a special someone. Long-stemmed roses are always a delight.

A Bevy of Roses Are Available

We carry beautiful roses in a range of colors; give pink roses as a "thank you" or a gift of gratitude. Pink roses can also represent:

  • Joy and happiness
  • Recognition
  • Appreciation
  • Grace

Other colors include lavender, a color of enchantment, mystery, or splendor. Our yellow roses convey friendship, delight, and affection; they can say "good luck" or be a welcome home gift. Yellow roses can brighten someone's day, so no special occasion is needed. Beautiful peach roses represent modesty, gratitude, genuineness, and sincerity and might make a congratulations bouquet or thoughtful sympathy gift.

We also carry bulk roses for special occasions or events. More importantly, Holliday Flowers will make sure that your fresh-cut flowers arrive at the right time.

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